Mood booster?

Well, mine is simple, i think.

1. Book (s). Gramedia is the best place for me to run. Looking for a bunch of books, read the summary, find the book that i want or i (think) i want, is really helpful to boost my mood.

2. Tree (s). I have a weird connection with tree (s). I dont know. I love to speak with tree which i met on my way to campus. Just say hi, and sayin, “how are you?”. Weird. But thats true. Tree (s) makes me feel calm. I love being in a place where i can sit, with a LOT of tree, reading good book, and let my mind calm for a moment. This situation, is almost hard to find 😦

3. Buy-ing DVD (s). I love watching movie, but sometimes i dont have a time (or good mood) to watch it. So, when.. you know, i dont know where to go, i’ll go to some place called “Matahari Pasar Balong”, and buy a lot of dvd (s). And honestly, i just love buy it without time to watch it 😀

4. XXI. I love the green tea freeze, the pangsit mini goreng, or lemon tea with jelly, buy-ing that stuff, the ticket and voila. Iam happy just because the food. Hehe

5. Hiroshima. My baby boy. He is the sun of my day.

6. Best friend (s). You know what? Its really nice to talk with your best friend (s), or with someone you trust. And when they are there, to support you, its enough..

7. The last but not least, Allah SWT..

God always give me strenght. Strenght to facing the truth, and to believe, that everything in my life is happen, or going to happen, because of the reason.

I just need to accept.. and believe.

Thats it.


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