Words of goodbye.

I don’t know what’s going on between us.
The last day I met you, everything looks fine and I don’t see any problem there.
But now, I don’t know it’s just running in my head or this is truly happen, I think you make a big step in our relationship.
Neither you’re busy or you don’t have a time to reply my text or calling me back,
I think you’re changed.
I feel the distance. Huge.

If I’m right..
If my mind is right..
If my thought is right..

I just wanna say that,
Even It’s hard to believe,
But I know you did that thing because you protect yourself, you protect your family..
And you protect me.

From stalemate and broken heart,
In our relationship.

I love when I close to you, talking about my day, our workload and I can see your face beside me.
But in other hand, I know there’s no other way for us to make this relationship come true.

Love isn’t enough ya pak..

I just want to say that..
Even this is hard for me, I’ll try to understand. And I know I can.
It’s just about the time for me to accept this reality, and I hope it won’t take the long time.

Thanks for your kindness.. Thanks for being a good listener and a good friend for me.

Thank you pak.
Please take care of yourself.

And once again,
Thanks for your courage to stay away from me.
I know you did this for our kindness.
And I hope.. I can pass this with a smile.
And with a high of awareness, that Allah do this to me for a good purpose.


In the end, Everything’s gonna be okay.
If its not okay, so this is not the end.


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