When life is not easy for you,

When you think that your life is a mess,

When, one day, you dont know what should you do, like lost in place and you dont know what the name is..

Then you know that your best friend already giving a birth to a beautiful baby girl..

Your heart is melt, you feel amazed, 

Looking up to the baby,

And you feel gratefull than God gives happiness to your best friend.

Welcome to the world dear Shadrina Aisha Lira.

Auntie feel so happy looking your tiny face, and sayin.. “Ayo baby Ara, bobo..” when you’re screaming out in the night.

You’re a big happiness in my messy life ;’)

Congratulation Ayah Randy Renando and Mom Sirin Halni Fazilet.

And for the couple weeks, new baby is waiting to born, from Mom Veny Yustisia and Papa Hardiansyah Putra 😀



Beautiful babies,

Thank you for comin in Auntie’s life :*





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