#Magical2013 #Day1

Ini photo aku, Ayah, sama adekku yang nomer 2, Mantika, in her wedding day, 23 Juli 2012 πŸ˜€

Iam so happy :’) She’s through a lot of things, and I’m relieved she finally found someone whom taking care of her, and Hiro for sure. And by the way, welcome to our family mas Abby Akbar, titip adek ma ponakan aku ya πŸ˜€

Oh iya satu lagi, aku seneng banget bisa ketemu Ayah. Ayah aku kan tinggal di Bima, jadi kalo ada moment-moment tertentu aja dia bisa pulang πŸ˜€


Terima kasih. Terima kasih. Terima kasih.


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